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Petrified Wood (Fossilized): Enhances Patience, Grounding and Ancestral Healing

Stone that brings patience through ongoing growth. The energy can assist you to make changes in your life, aid earth healing. Has strong grounding energy which may assist you to make a good connection through the base & earth chakra to Mother Gaia. PW assists you to read the Akashic Records, helpful to use for past life or ancestral healing, assists you to connect to the past through following the rings in the stone.  Use it in meditation for ancestral healing, to help you to discover more about your family lineage, visit the higher spiritual realms that houses the knowledge of Earth. This process may help with the understanding of spiritual questions you may feel uncertain about, and may aid the release of erroneous concepts or ideas that are not serving you. Its third eye chakra energy aids you to make a connection with your cells and the issues stored within your DNA. PW is a stone of perseverance and spiritual transformation. Just as the original wood was transformed to stone, so too can their energy transform you spiritually, helping create necessary change on the path to ascension. This stones vibration relates to the slow progression of change, and how ones spirit is changed or transformed to a better newer you.

Petrified Wood - Tumbled Small

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